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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

station ID

let me start this blog with some "station ID" hehehe I am a mid-level journalist (whatever the hell that term means) of a major newspaper in Manila. i started this blog for my own personal consumption and nothing else. i have been a reporter for almost 7 years now. i love it! each day is different than the one before. so i started this blog to talk or rant or vent about the stuff I see or have seen on the beat. i just thought this would keep my sanity somehow. what the heck. today, i went with the pacific plan holders to the taping of Dong Puno Live. what a lively bunch, very passionate. about their cause. but mind you, their arguments were sharp and emotional, all directed to the officials of PPI. my heart goes out to underdogs like the plan holders who are up against big business. and why not? i've always loved and believed in causes. later, i rushed off to the PCGG to cover the announcement of the resignation of Haydee Yorac. She looked sprightly and bright today. i would think she is relishing the thought of leaving the PCGG. but rumors have been going around the Palace asked for her resignation. something she denies. hmmmm.


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