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Thursday, September 15, 2005

diamonds are a reporter's best friend

I think no other reporter was more excited to see the Marcos jewels than me, judging from the other reporters covering the event at the BSP. well except for some Japanese journalists. During the usual pre-presscon banter just before the event, none of us even talked about the Marcos jewels and how this would be the first time the public and media would get a look at them. I was half expecting the female members of media to be excited, jewelry being more up their alley. but i quickly dismissed that gross misconception. i was the more excited. looking at the others, it was just another rainy coverage, it seemed to me. Anyway, back to the main event. the jewels did not disappoint. that Burmese ruby was a real shocker. ive never seen a jewel that big up close and personal. seeing it was surrounded by other smaller diamonds almost took my breath away. (sorry for the exageration). Those tiaras were real sparklers. even under the pale flourescent lamps, they look magnificent. under the camera lights, they shone in all their glory, sparkling like nothing i have seen before. And the brands on these pieces was simply staggering. Gucci, Bvlgari, Piaget, Van Cleef and Arpels, Philippe Patek. Some of the world's greatest and most expensive jewelers. Media was roped off so we couldn't take a closer look at the jewels on a table where they were spread like some baratillo. some bsp or pcgg officials had to take some of the jewels and paraded them around for us. i was half expecting some woman to actually put them on and model for us. that would have taken the cake. The other jewels on the table looked just as fascinating as the ones we saw up close. green, blue, red jewels, lots of pearls and those watches. wow. I've never been fond of jewelry. i think they pose an obstruction to my preparing to go to work in the morning. even my watch is the reliable Timex brand. the only piece of jewelry i wear now is my wedding ring. and an earring which i hardly take off (don't worry, i give it a good scrub sometimes and i soap the area when i bathe). I think i was more excited because the jewels themselves merit that kind of fascination because of their sheer beauty. And the fact that they are symbols of the greed and the frivolity of a woman who, despite her pronouncements, does not have a bone in her body which cares for her impoversihed nation.