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Thursday, March 09, 2006

middle class blah

i just finished going over the site of this guy who wrote one of the open letters expressing disgust for Cory, the opposition, media, etc...and i was just about to ready to throw up! i hope the middle class has not made it a habit to blame the messenger, rather than focusing on the message, so to speak. Why blame them when it should be the Palace we should be blaming? beats me. is that how mindless the middle class has become? they don't agree with Cory, et al.? then its time for them to stand up and be counted! rather than cower in their comfortable shadows. and no, i dont think the rest of the public will forget the sins of Cory, et al. however, i respect the right of this guy (as well as those who think just like him) to say what he said.


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