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Saturday, March 11, 2006

restiveness in the ranks

our exclusive story today on what really happened to the "coup" last Feb. 23 seems to me the closest narration of what really happened. it was actually a plan to withdraw support for the GMA government. but whether or not it was just simply that, it is still unclear. for example, i am convinced that Gen. Lim and Col. Querubin went to see Gen. Senga and managed to convince him to withdraw support for the government. i am not convinced though that service commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force knew about the plan. It is said Gen. Esperon was supposed to have changed his mind, which later led to the whole plan being aborted. Note here that Esperon was one of the four generals mentioned by Garci. If the plan did push through, i dont know what i would feel when i see him actually withdrawing support for GMA. I also know that Esperon himself is entertaining thoughts of becoming Chief of Staff. for all i know, he was just choosing the horse he would be betting on carefully. Speaking about Esperon, he seems to be conspicuously active in appearing before media in the past few days. He broke the story of the supposed alliance between the Reds and other soldiers. He also broke the story on other soldiers under investigation. The question begs: where is Senga and why has he been a little more quiet for comfort? Also, I am not buying the whole spin on the alliance between the Reds and Magdalo. as a reporter covering the defense beat for awhile, i would think idealistic soldiers would never enter an agreement with their enemy no matter how desperate the situation has become. I heard Commodore Robles today say as long as there is corruption in the military, the soldiers in the barracks will always be restive. I agree, the issue is not merely the involvement of generals in election fraud. that is just the start of it all, a drop in the bucket. the military leadership must address this, but also corruption in the military. or else, the military will forever be afraid of its own shadow.


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