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Thursday, July 13, 2006

fake idealism?

While clearing my office email inbox, i stumbled across this email from the young Magdalo soldiers. Three of the undersigned have already been captured from a safehouse in Fairview while San Juan had already apologized and "returned to the fold." In fulfillment of our sworn duty January 19, 2006 We have bolted from the repression of a bogus regime. We will no longer go along with the repression that this regime has to impose in order to continue its illegitimate rule. It is a repression that continues to prevent the members of the armed forces from, and even punishes them for, carrying out their sworn duty: to defend the Filipino people. Our oath is clear: Our place is with our people; the people's will is sovereign. All our actions in the performance of our duties must demonstrate this bias in all instances. Those who insist on the neutrality of the military, and who now occupy the positions of power, are those who would rather that we stay silent, betray our oath, and in effect even help them perpetuate their own selfish interests. They are the enemies of the people. We refuse to be their pawns. The people's mandate is clear: Corruption, illegitimacy and neglect must end. Therefore, we do not merely seek a change in personalities. We seek the change of a system that installs the people's enemies in power and perpetuates the exclusion of the majority. We seek the change of a system that reduces the people to being mere spectators, and a change in the kind of politics that lulls the masses into inaction and acquiescence with noise; petty quarrels, distracting issues and cosmetic reforms. We are not alone in this struggle. Most of the armed forces are still loyal to their oath and are one with us in our vision. We make up the New AFP. And we join our fellow Filipinos who now refuse to be cowed. We are a force that grows stronger by the day, working in solidarity to usher a new nation where the people's interests are truly supreme. The imperative is on all of us. The time to act is now. Capt. Nathaniel Rabonza 1st Lt. Lawrence San Juan 1st Lt. Patricio Bumidang 1st Lt. Sonny Sarmiento


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