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Sunday, August 06, 2006

clash of the titans

i love watching public affairs programs. shows like Imbestigador, XXX, and every show of the Tulfo brothers, where they expose various shades of wrongdoings by government officials through hidden cameras and confront them outright, never fail to get me worked up, and i like getting worked up. they never failt to give me a rise. unfortunately, these shows are an essential part of my couch potato existence. on the other hand, i think it was The Elements of Journalism that said that in the US, hidden cameras are no longer considered ethical. its easy to figure out why. part of the ethics of the profession is to identify yourself as media in getting a story. but i think this should be the subject of another blog entry. anyway, the topic of public affairs program occured to me as i await the next chapter in this town's latest big ticket political bout: the Tulfos vs. Mike Arroyo. like i said, i love public affairs programs. but i believe that media's job is not to straighten out everything that 's crooked about the system. we just write about it. so even if i really dig these kinds of programs, i object to them on a professional level. the sight of any of the Tulfos bulldozing their way into a public official's office for a confrontation, or Raffy letting off a mouthful of expletives to an erring official over the phone, is exhilirating. imagine the powers that be finally getting their comeuppance. but another part of me cringes too. that part is screaming "its not our job to do stuff like that!!" i am also afraid shows like these will only reinforce the image of the journalist as a crusader who will do anything to get his way, damn the rest of the world. alright, maybe hosts of these programs just want to help people. but there's the rub. if the Filipino would cherish more his civic rights and stand up to the powers that be when he is pushed to the wall why would they even need to approach journalists to do the fighting for them? its probably all rooted in our history (indio vs. peninsulares blah blah, but dont take my effin word for it. i didnt get good grades in history hehehe) anyway, being a true child of television, i'll keep watching these shows to get my weekly fix. PS: Mon used to defend FG. what gives is anybody's guess.


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