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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Retake the exam! Please!

There must be something severly wrong with our society when the young start thinking of only themselves. Sadly, this seems to me the case in the ongoing controversy over the leakage in the last nursing board exam. Something must be said about the slapdash and incompetent way the Professional Regulation Commission has handled the situation. As early as right after the June board exams. There was already a call for the PRC to hold the results of the exam until the leakage issue is settled. Yet what did the PRC, in all its wisdom, do? It released the results anyway. I suspect this smart move has a two-fold purpos. First, to polarize the students who took the exam into those who want a retake and those who don't. And I must say, the move succeeded to do just that. Second, that the release was meant as a cover-up. Something must also be said about getting to the bottom of the whole mess. Even after the NBI came out with the results of its investigation into the matter, I have yet to see any of the personalities in the controversy hauled to court. Kudos should go to star witness Dennis Bautista and his legal team in their quest to jail the perpetrators of the leakage. Thumbs down to Renato Aquino and his rabid anti-retake group. I had the occassion to ask him if there was anything he and his group were doing to rack up a case against the perpetrators, like convincing students to come out as witnesses. He gave a long winded explanation, including the fact the anti-retake side already had witnesses (actually the only witness they have is Dennis Bautista), but in short, they were doing diddly-squat. Nothing. Finally, something has to be said for the refusal of the Aquino's group to retake the test. Simply put, its the only way to cleanse the test, nursing as a profession. Unfortunately, to say the least, I sense the incapacity of these people to see the forest from the trees. This only indicates to me the selfish depths they have sunk. Talking to them, I get the feeling that all they want is their licenses, to hell with everything else. Sad.


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